The decision to cancel the March 13 and 15 performances Porgy and Bess was a difficult one. It was the right thing to do for the health and safety of our community, but we were devastated that we weren’t able to deliver all of our stellar performances to you, our audience.

We are proud that The Atlanta Opera paid the cast, chorus, crew and orchestra responsible for preparing and performing Porgy and Bess in full for the entire run. All told, some 300 people worked on stage, in the orchestra pit or behind the scenes to deliver the production.

Thanks to several generous Atlanta Opera donors, over $150,000 was raised to match every dollar contributed by donated tickets.

Thank you for making this important initiative an overwhelming success at such a critical moment. We expect will continue to face challenges over the next several months, but today we want to take a moment and express our gratitude to each of you who stepped up to support The Atlanta Opera in this meaningful way.

Thank you to these donors –

David Charles Abell

Cathy & Mark Adams

Elizabeth & Jeremy Adler

Julia & Jim Balloun

Bryan & Johanna Barnes

Laura & Cosmo Boyd

Harold Brody & Donald Smith

Ms. Janine Brown & Mr. Alex J. Simmons, Jr.

Mr. Frank Butterfield

Mr. Mario Concha

Triska Drake & G. Kimbrough Taylor

Dr. Francine Dykes & Mr. Richard Delay

Mr. Dieter Elsner

Mr. Arthur Fagen

Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. Filip

Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer & Mr. Jon Buttrey

Kevin Greiner & Robyn Roberts

James C. Goodwyne & Christopher S. Connelly

Dr. Thomas N. Guffin, Jr.

John L. Hammaker

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hantula

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hardin

Mr. John Haupert & Mr. Bryan Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Hills

Eda L. Hochglerent MD & Bruce A. Cassidy, MD

Mr. L. D. Holland

James E. Honkisz & Catherine A. Binns

Douglas Hooker & Patrise Perkins Hooker


Mr. Howard W. Hunter

Candy & Greg Johnson

Mr. J. Carter Joseph

Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy & Dr. Bill Kenny

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Keough

Ms. Salli Levan

Mrs. Dale Levert & Mr. George W. Levert

Belinda & Gino Massafra

Mary Ruth McDonald

Stephanie & Gregor Morela

Sandra & Peter Morelli

Clara M. & John S. O’Shea

Victoria & Howard Palefsky

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Paulhus

George Paulik

Mr. William E. Pennington

Charles T. & Donna Sharbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Sheehan

Morton & Angela Sherzer

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Shreiber

Mr. William F. Snyder

Christine & Mark St.Clare

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Tucker

Larry & Beverly Willson

Rhys & Carolyn Wilson

Ms. Bunny Winter & Mr. Michael Doyle

Mary & Charlie Yates

Tomer Zvulun & Susanna Eiland

What artists are saying

What patrons are saying

I was so disappointed that the performances had to be cancelled, but I am glad the company took the right action to protect the musicians and audience members. I’m happy to donate my unused tickets and I look forward to future excellent performances.


Please donate the value of my unused tickets. We were very much looking forward to seeing this production, but fully support the decision to cancel. Porgy and Bess was the first Atlanta Opera production I saw at the Atlanta Civic Center downtown, and it was a splendid introduction to the company. We’ve been coming ever since.


I am donating my Porgy and Bess tickets to The Atlanta Opera. I’m sure you’ll use donations to take good care of as many of your people (working in all spheres at all levels) as possible.

Thank you,

Please accept my tickets as a donation. Bravo, to the preforming arts as each venue enriches the lives of the audience and performers.


We hope to attend another Atlanta Opera performance soon, and we are happy to help by donating our Porgy and Bess tickets.

Stay well,
Liz & Luca

I would like to donate and match my two tickets for the cancelled performance of Porgy and BessI LOVE THE OPERA! Please hang in there!