A Sneak Peek of Rabbit Tales!

By Ellen Sturgill

Just last week, I was able to watch a dress rehearsal of Rabbit Tales! And let me tell you, it was one of the best I’ve ever seen! I laughed, I enjoyed great music, and I even got to cluck like a chicken! This show is creative, clever, heartfelt, and incredibly funny.

After last week’s blog about the show from the point of view of the performers, it was exciting to watch them bring their answers to life. I was able to understand how the show was different from a mainstage opera, why it was taxing musically and physically, and most importantly, why they loved the show so much.

Below are some pictures from the rehearsal and of the cast and crew. If you haven’t already planned to spend a beautiful afternoon at The Wren’s Nest for the official world premiere of Rabbit Tales, these snapshots and our previous blog entries will inspire you to add the performance to your calendar!

Teenchy Duck (sung by Elexa Bancroft), Sister Fox (sung by Elizabeth Claxton), Br’er Rabbit (sung by Welsey Morgan), and King Lion (sung by Wade Thomas).

Accompanist Catherine Schaefer and director Park Cofield join the cast.

This picture includes the cast, and one of the great interaction cards for the audience! By utilizing these cards, Rabbit Tales is able to reach out to young audiences and inspire them to participate and join the fun! During the show, children get to clap, be gusts of wind, cluck like a chicken, and feel like they are not just watching an opera, but are in it.

And just to let you know, these parts aren’t just fun for kids. They’re also a great time for grown-ups, too! Those of us watching the dress rehearsal were in stitches the whole performance, and loved showing off our clucking skills!

The Rabbit Tales cast and director are joined by composer Nicole Chamberlain and librettist Madeleine St. Romain.

If you would like to have Rabbit Tales come to your school, check out the Atlanta Opera website for more information. We promise this show will be a lot of fun!

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