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By Ellen Sturgill

Here at The Atlanta Opera, we love all the positive press we’re receiving about this season’s opening production, Lucia di Lammermoor, but we are especially excited to hear from our loyal patrons and subscribers! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Below are some of our favorite reviews!

© Tim Wilkerson
“It was absolutely fabulous!! The music was spinning in my head all night. This is probably my favorite performance. And, I must say, that it was pure joy to be sitting among such an appreciative audience.”
– Sallie, Atlanta, GA
“Last night’s performance of Lucia di Lammermoor was absolutely wonderful. Georgia Jarman made her character come alive with her silvery voice, flips, trills and difficult passages. She made us truly believe her character was mad- her acting was very convincing. The chorus was wonderful. The costumes were superb, as was the set design. I really enjoyed the Armonica- beautiful, unique sound which really added to the score. Congratulations to you all on a magnificent Lucia! Thanks for all you do for fine arts in Atlanta.”
– Diane, McDonough, GA
“Excellent!!! A great evening at the opera.”
– Marvin, Atlanta, GA
“The Atlanta Opera’s Lucia di Lammermoor is a must see!! The production is wonderful. The cast is strong, the set is unbelievable, the technology used is amazing!! The costumes: wow. Georgia Jarman as Lucia has a strong, clear, beautiful voice. . . The director, Tomer Zvulun, did an inspired job. I hope this opera goes into their repertoire. I would love to see it again.”
– Mary, Highlands, NC
“Georgia Jarman brought down the house. Who ever found Georgia deserves a kiss.”
– Joe, Atlanta, GA
“It was amazing. This was my first ever opera and it was great. I have found a new love.”
– “Living Social” patron
“First rate production. Georgia Jarman proved to be a brilliant selection for the lead role- what a marvelous voice combined with captivating acting. . . The entire ensemble worked well together and made the evening a delight. We look forward to the rest of the season.”
– Robert, Atlanta, GA
“Last night’s performance was probably the best overall in several years. The voices were all good. Georgia was outstanding. The sets were very effective. Overall- A+.”
– Eugene, Macon, GA
“If you haven’t seen Atlanta Opera and you live withing 200 miles of it, what is wrong with you?”
– Joseph, Atlanta, GA
“An outstanding performance of Lucia di Lammermoor! Lucia (Georgia Jarman) was phenomenal and hit every one of her complicated notes perfectly! The rare armonica performance was an enchanting treat. The staging particularly striking and effective. All in all, a 10 of 10, and a rare evening of perfection!”
– “Living Social” patron
“It was a great performance and, as always, it has the most wonderful music. The soprano was excellent. Thanks for the beauty of it.”
– Barbara, Sandy Springs, GA
© Tim Wilkerson
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