Opera at Warp Speed!

By Ellen Sturgill

Are you dying to break into the opera world? Have you been wishing for an opportunity to showcase your music, talent, and skills? Would you love to be a reality TV star like Snookie, Donald Trump, and the Kardashians? Well, we can’t really help you with that last aspiration, but here at The Atlanta Opera, we have the perfect opportunity for those of you looking to let your voices be heard! Presenting the second annual…

The 24-Hour Opera Project was created to promote outreach and awareness by encouraging the community to become involved in opera. This event also gives composers, lyricists, directors, and singers an opportunity to showcase their art for the public. Those selected to participate will be randomly partnered in teams, given a theme for their opera, and then let loose for 24 hours to create a one-of-a-kind production. The creative process will be filmed, so you can be a part of all the action! There will also be a “Confession Cam,” similar to your favorite reality TV shows. After the 24 hours is over, the teams will present their operas to a panel of judges, a public audience, and a live webcast. Prizes will be awarded for the Judge’s Choice, as well as an Audience Favorite.
A scene from last year’s Audience Favorite, Scrub-A-Dub Raw. © Tim Wilkerson
Why am I feeding you all this information? Because there is still time to join the fun! Composers, lyricists, directors, and singers have until December 21 to apply by visiting our website. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to spend 24 hours with people who love opera, who enjoy being creatively challenged, and who simply want to have a blast!
Atlanta Opera staff and last year’s 24-Hour Opera Project participants. © Tim Wilkerson
The videos and images in this article are from last year’s event, and will give you a glimpse of the excitement to come! Enjoy!

Bass Larry Frazier, tenor Charles Baugh, and mezzo-soprano Sharon Blackwood rehearse A Toast for all Toasts. © Tim Wilkerson

Video of the launch party for last year’s event. © Cherokee Rose Productions

The infamous “Confession Cam.” © Cherokee Rose Productions

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