Sneak Peek of The Golden Ticket

By Ellen Sturgill
Get ready, Atlantans, because tomorrow, you will finally get your chance to see the inside of Willy Wonka’s factory! The Atlanta Opera‘s second production of the season, The Golden Ticket, premieres tomorrow night, and it promises to be a performance like no other.  With dazzling visual effects, spectacular costumes, larger-than-life characters, beautiful music, and chocolate (lots of it), Roald Dahl’s classic story comes to life in this modern operatic adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to witness this spectacular affair, have no fear. With photos from last night’s final dress rehearsal, we’re giving readers a first look at what they can expect from this exciting opera. Enjoy!

Daniel Okulitch (left) plays Mr. Know/Willy Wonka, and Ruben Roy (right) performs the role of Charlie Bucket in the Atlanta Opera’s production of The Golden Ticket, March 3-11, 2012 at the Cobb Energy Center. © Tim Wilkerson

From left to right- Tenor Keith Jameson (Grandpa Joe), mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton (Grandma Joesephine/Mrs. Teavee), Ruben Roy (Charlie Bucket), baritone Jason Hardy (Grandpa George/Mr. Beauregard), and soprano Kristin Clayton (Grandma Georgina/Mrs. Gloop) in the Atlanta Opera’s production of The Golden Ticket. © Tim Wilkerson
Soprano Ashley Emerson (Violet Beauregard), and tenor Andrew Drost (Augustus Gloop) describe how they won their Golden Tickets to soprano Krista Kostin (Candy Mallow). © Tim Wilkerson

Veruca Salt, mezzo-soprano Abigail Nims, finally gets her way winning a Golden Ticket, with the help of her father Lord Salt, sung by baritone David Kravitz . © Tim Wilkerson

Charlie Bucket (Ruben Roy) finds his Golden Ticket. © Tim Wilkerson
Willy Wonka (Daniel Okulitch) describes his factory to Mike Teevee (Gerald  Thompson), Charlie Bucket (Ruben Roy), Veruca Salt (Abigail Nims), and Augustus Gloop (Andrew Drost). © Tim Wilkerson

Willy Wonka finally opens the gate to his factory! © Tim Wilkerson
Augustus Gloop, tenor Andrew Drost, over-indulges in the chocolate river. © Tim Wilkerson

Gerald Thompson as Mike Teevee in The Golden Ticket. © Tim Wilkerson

Veruca Salt (Abigail Nims) gets punished by the Squirrel chorus and Oompa Loompas  in the Atlanta Opera’s production of The Golden Ticket, March 3-11, 2012 at the Cobb Energy Center.
With the Oompa Loompas assisting, Willy Wonka (Daniel Okulitch) and Charlie Bucket (Ruben Roy) take off  in Wonka’s elevator. © Tim Wilkerson
The cast of The Golden Ticket celebrate Charlie’s good fortune as he starts his new life as the owner of the chocolate factory. © Tim Wilkerson

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