Paris on Ponce (The Discoveries Series ‘Discovers Atlanta’)

The Discoveries Series is dedicated to audiences looking for new works, new ideas and fresh perspectives. So, we set out to discover the hidden gems and rare finds throughout Atlanta. Join the adventure as we explore our great city, starting at Paris on Ponce.

Dave Paule (Marketing Director at The Atlanta Opera) spent a day exploring more than 40,000 square feet of treasure. From textiles to taxidermy, any person of any ilk can find a panopoly of nonpareils inside Paris on Ponce.
Watch a one minute tour of the space and get a history lesson from Nicolette Valdespino (co-owner) who reminds us this used to be something entirely different.

“Over the last 15 years, Paris on Ponce has become Atlanta’s favorite bohemian destination. Perched high on a hill overlooking Ponce de Leon Avenue, the iconic orange building is both landmark and wonderland. Don’t miss the over the top dazzle of our signature special event space, Lé Maison Rouge.” (via

Rich in French influences, Paris on Ponce hosts an annual Bastille Day celebration and Le Maison Rouge frequently presents burlesque shows. 
This couch belonged to Governor Jenkins when the governorship was in Milledgeville during the Civil War. It was found in the back of the building. Paris on Ponce cleaned it up and reupholstered the antiquity in Prada fabric.

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