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Orchestra Spotlight: Richard Brady

Richard Brady
Bass Trombone

Richard Brady has played bass trombone in The Atlanta Opera Orchestra for 32 years, and principal trombone for two seasons. He answered a few quickfire questions in our new Spotlight series for orchestra and chorus.

The Atlanta Opera: What is your favorite Atlanta Opera production
you’ve played?

Richard Brady: Ariadne auf Naxos by Strauss

AO: What do you do when you’re not playing or practicing the trombone?

RB: This has changed as I have gotten older. Before: martial arts, flying (I am a licensed pilot), cave diving, rock climbing. Now: hiking, camping, astronomy, ham radio.

AO: Where did you grow up and how did you get into music?

RB: I am a native Atlantan. In the fourth grade I started playing with a Southwest Atlanta elementary band program called the West End Elementary Band. An amazing number of top brass and wind players came out of the program.

AO: Any advice for young musicians?

RB: Try to be professional about everything; practice until you can’t get it wrong; practice until you are tired and add 10 minutes; get private instruction; listen to everything you can get your hands on.

AO: What genres of music and/or artists do you like?

RB: Oddly enough, I like pretty much everything. My favorites: Blood, Sweat & Tears; the Beatles; Earth, Wind & Fire; Johnny Cash; The Dear Hunter; Leah Partridge (she puts her whole being into her music).

AO: If you had to play any other instrument in the orchestra, what would it be?

RB: Cello. Other than the trombone, it is the closest to the human voice.

AO: What are your favorite musical moments in The Flying Dutchman, and what should audiences listen for in this opera?

RB: This is a stunning work. This will be the third production of this work I have performed in (including one production in Italy). My favorite moment is probably Act III, Scene 8 with the chorus. Always listen for the low brass!

AO: Overrated or underrated: “76 Trombones” from The Music Man.

RB: When performing in the musical — underrated. When performing out of context — overrated!

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  1. bernyClori says:

    Brady has appeared with the Los Angeles Opera Company orchestra, and recently with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra of New York in Carnegie Hall and abroad on European tours. He has attended many music festivals including Sunflower Music Festival, Music Academy of the West, and the Tanglewood Music Center.

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