BlinkOpera: Bluebeard’s Castle

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Reimagining an opera is a delicate balance. Discovering a new perspective while honoring the spirit of the original work requires a special level of care and artistry. So how does one reimagine an opera like Bela Bartok’s haunting Bluebeard’s Castle, a work straight from the realms of Gothic horror, for a new audience?

Director Daisy Evans and conductor Stephen Higgins come to the mic for this episode of BlinkOpera to talk about their inspiration and process of rediscovering this chamber opera as an exploration of a very familiar experience – traveling a path of a life with dementia.

Welcome to Season 3 of The Atlanta Opera Podcast’s BlinkOpera, the series built to give you an introduction to operas told from the artists who actually perform them and know them intimately. So, let’s listen to the highlights, unpack the plot, and hear about performance anecdotes in a time-efficient and fun way!

Bartok: Bluebeard’s Castle; London Sinfonietta; Stephen Higgins

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