Come As You Are: Alexis Enyart

Series : Come As You Are

Conducting called to Alexis Enyart from a very young age, a passion that drove her to the podium. But as she propelled her career forward, she also began the complex journey of realizing her own identity as a trans woman. Join us for a poignant conversation as host Erik Teague chats with Alexis about her story, the intersecting stigmas of trans women personally and professionally, and her work with The Atlanta Opera’s Come As You Are Festival as the conductor for the chamber opera As One.

Come As You Are explores the intersection of the careers of arts professionals and their identities across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. In each episode, costume designer, trans man, and host Erik Teague discusses the complex narratives, unique challenges, and beautiful stories of a guest’s journey through their discipline and their identity. So grab yourself a cup and join us for a good story!

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