Megan Marino: Love Letter to Atlanta

Duration: 16 minutes
Composer: Georges Bizet
Librettist: Henri Meilhac & Ludovic Halévy
Premiere Date: March 3, 1875
Premiere Location: Opéra-Comique, Paris
Available: August 2021

Megan Marino’s Atlanta is a lifeboat in the middle of a terrible storm. The roar of applause in the midst of upheaval.

When she and husband Michael Mayes moved to South Carolina in early 2020, they found solace and success in the company of other performers just three hours drive west.

In her Love Letter to Atlanta, Company Player Megan Marino sings “Seguidilla” from a Carmen created during the pandemic storm of 2020. Her letter salutes the company she made home, the audience that embraced her and the anticipation we all feel about getting back to live, indoor performances. It was filmed in May 2021 at The Atlanta Opera Big Tent and Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

Marino’s performance is the fourth of a series of Love Letters to Atlanta, featuring the stellar Atlanta Opera Company Players.

Each Love Letter includes visually stunning capture of a song with great meaning to the singer in a space that has great meaning to Atlanta. Interviews with the artist complete the experience.



Megan Marino

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About the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is the first major performing arts facility built in metro Atlanta in five decades and is a premier venue for Broadway shows, ballet, concerts, educational shows, family performances, opera, corporate meetings, and events.

The mission of Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is to operate as a world-class facility, creating diverse cultural, educational and entertainment experiences that will promote accessibility to the arts; foster community partnerships that unify the region in support of the arts; fulfill the highest expectations of patrons, performers and employees; stimulate quality economic growth; and inspire individuals to continually increase their knowledge, patronage and financial support of the arts.

The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre has been home to The Atlanta Opera since its opening in 2007 with the first performance being Turandot.

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre



By the ramparts of Seville,
at my friend Lillas Pastia’s place,
I’m going to dance the seguidilla
and drink manzanilla.
I’m going to my friend Lillas Pastia’s!
Yes, but all alone one gets bored,
and real pleasures are for two.


So, to keep me company,
I shall take my lover!
My lover… he’s gone to the devil:
I showed him the door yesterday.
My poor heart, so consolable –
my heart is as free as air.

I have suitors by the dozen,
but they are not to my liking.
Here we are at the week end;
Who wants to love me? I’ll love him.
Who wants my heart? It’s for the taking!
You’ve come at the right moment!
I have hardly time to wait,
for with my new lover…
By the ramparts of Seville,
at my friend Lillas Pastia’s place,
I’m going to dance the seguidilla
and drink manzanilla.