Orfano Mondo

Duration: 8 episodes - about 15 mins each

Orfano Mondo, a world premiere film series created by international opera star Ryan McKinny and Emmy-award winning filmmaker Felipe Barral.

Italian for “orphan world,” Orfano Mondo artfully addresses the hidden specter of fear that lingers over live performances during a pandemic. The film series draws inspiration and utilizes footage from The Atlanta Opera’s fall Big Tent productions of Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci and The Kaiser of Atlantis by Viktor Ullmann and Pietr Kien.

Each episode explores an aria from the fall productions with contextualizing moments that show how artists persevere despite incredible obstacles. With behind-the-scenes moments, scenes filmed specifically for this project, and drama from the live performances, Orfano Mondo draws on conventions of independent filmmaking to connect with audiences in a brand-new way.