Metamorphosis: Mari Yoshihara & Huang Ruo

Series : Metamorphosis

Representation on the stage is a powerful tool to re-shape conventional perceptions surrounding works like Madama Butterfly. But real change is found when diversity is present across all elements of the world of the arts. From directors to critics, it is imperative to discover new voices that can present these works from a fresh perspective.

Join Nina Yoshida Nelsen for Episode 2 of Metamorphosis as she interviews Mari Yoshihara, Editor of American Quarterly, and composer Huang Ruo to discover the significance of a new critical voice in the industry, and how The Atlanta Opera’s production is stepping forward to challenge conventional narratives of a complex work of opera.

Find out more about Mari Yoshihara’s work: manoa.hawaii.edu/amst/archive/por…/mari-yoshihara/

Find out more about the music of composer Huang Ruo: huangruo.com/

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