Metamorphosis: Phil Chan

Series : Metamorphosis

In Episode 1 of Metamorphosis, host Nina Yoshida Nelsen sits down with Phil Chan, author of Final Bow for Yellowface, to break down the larger historical narrative surrounding Asian depictions in arts and entertainment. With an emphasis on deciphering character versus caricature, Nina and Phil share their experiences and explore productive and positive methods to present cultural influences while retaining the essence of these classic works of art.

Metamorphosis, a 5-part limited series from The Atlanta Opera Podcast with host Nina Yoshida Nelsen, explores the complex cultural narratives of Puccini’s beloved Madama Butterfly. Nina engages with colleagues from across the Asian-American community to understand what is damaging, what is redeeming, and what is possible as The Atlanta Opera prepares to present its 2022 production of this timeless opera.

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